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Kipor Digital Generators

Outstanding serviceability and reliable performance in a simple, easy-to-use design to make Kipor generators the best choice in portable power. Ideal for RV, Camping, Home Applications and many more. 

Kipor Digital Sinemaster Generators provide clean and quiet portable power. These compact and lightweight generators are the perfect match for all your requirements, when you want all the conveniences at home, worksite or for leisure. The pure sinewave generators can run sensitive electronic equipment. 

Kipor digital generators offer a much smaller and quieter form of portable power compared with traditional generators. 

If you are looking for a generator that is compact, powerfull and quiet then Kipor generators are the optimum choice for you and value for money. Kipor Generators give you a saving of about 50% in size / weight. 

Every Kipor generator has passed the EPA phase II standards and is CE certified. and Kipor itself is ISO9001 certified

Kipor Generators compact and lightweight design allows true portability of power for in the motorhome, caravan or boat.

Kipor digital generators offer the same sort of performance and quiet performance normally offered at 2-3 times the price from other well known industry generator manufacturers.

High quality power output is achieved with Kipor Generators by a built-in pure sine wave inverter, which filters the initial power of the alternator to minimise wave distortion and voltage fluctuation. This results in the output being more refined, clean and smooth. The inverter delivers a true Sine wave, no power spikes, surges or fluctuations of voltage, making it suitable for highly sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and laptops.

Kipor Generators are designed to meet strict environmental standards.

Fuel economy is also at a premium with Kipor generatos, with fuel consumption (20 - 40 per cent lower than a traditional generator set under normal usage).

A load-dependent smart throttle system automatically maintains engine speed and power output at the most efficient level under all usage loads, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, noise and vibration.